Known limitations of Multiple Forms

The Multiple Forms plugin is still in beta, which means that some native GravityView functionalities that usually work on a simple View still don't work on a View with multiple joined forms.

Here's a list of known limitations from the current version 0.2-beta.2

Sort doesn't work

Sort settings are not respected on a View with multiple joined forms.

Screenshot of the View Settings panel inside the View editorCan't specify fields for editing

Since each joined form has its own link to edit entries, it's not possible to specify which fields can be edited. The Edit Entry tab must be kept empty for entry editing to work.

Screenshot of the Edit Entry layout tab

The Edit Entry link must link to each form

If you wish to allow entry editing, a link for each form must be added to the View.

Screenshot of the Link to Edit Entry added to the Multiple Entries tabMerge Tags from a joined form can't be used.

It's not yet possible to use Merge Tags from different forms inside a single Custom Content field. The Merge Tag for each form can only be used inside the Custom Content field of that particular form.

Screenshot of the Custom Content field showing available Merge Tags

Advanced Filters support

Only fields from the main form are supported on the Advanced Filters

Screenshot of the Advanced Filters

Merge Tags on the Edit Entry tab

Merge Tags added inside a Custom Content field on the Edit Entry tab won't be parsed.

Screenshot of a Custom Content field with Merge Tags


Screenshot of the Edit Entry page of a View

Impossible to edit Nested Form fields

GravityView supports editing Nested Forms fields, but if the View has a joined form, editing a Nested Form field doesn't work.

Screenshot showing Nested Form fields on Edit Entry page

The Edit Entry page on a View using Multiple Forms:

Screenshot showing the Edit Entry page with a Nested Form field empty (a bug)

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