How to enable or disable GravityEdit per-field

You can define what fields are editable on the front end when using GravityEdit with GravityView. Disabling field editing is unavailable when using GravityEdit in the Gravity Forms Entries screen.

By default, editing fields will be enabled when the "Enable Inline Edit" View setting is checked. Screenshot of the Settings box when editing a View. A green arrow points to the 'Enable Inline Edit' setting, which is checked.

When the GravityEdit is enabled, you will see a pencil icon next to the field label in GravityView. Close-up screenshot of fields in GravityView, each with a pencil icon next to the their label.

How to disable GravityEdit for a field

Click the field settings icon (a gear cog) next to the field for which you want to disable editing.

Cursor hovering over the field settings icon

In the Advanced section, there is a setting named "Enable Editing This Field With Inline Edit". Click the "Disabled" option to prevent editing.

Screenshot of the Enabled/Disabled radio button options for the 'Enable Editing This Field With Inline Edit' setting.

Close the field settings by clicking the "Close" button or outside the field settings container. You’ll notice that the pencil icon is no longer next to the field label, showing that GravityEdit is disabled.

Save the View! In the Publish box, click the Update button to save the View.

Save the View by clicking Update

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