Edit Entry: Multi-page form editing

This functionality is currently in testing and may have bugs.

By default, Edit Entry doesn't support multi-page forms; we are currently developing support for this functionality.

If you would like to enable support, add the following code to your site (here's how to add the code):

add_filter( 'gravityview/features/paged-edit', '__return_true' );

Known Limitations

Edit Entry Layout configurations will be ignored

When the setting is enabled, any field configurations in the Edit Entry Layout tab will be ignored. Multi-page editing is complex and requires all fields to be included.

Edits are saved after each page, not at the end of the form

In Gravity Forms, users navigate between form pages and only submit the completed once. When editing entries in GravityView, each page navigation (Previous, Next, Submit) updates the entry with the changed values.

Page Conditional Logic is supported

If a page is shown or hidden using conditional logic, that will work properly.

The "Next Button Conditional Logic" Page Field setting is not supported

In Gravity Forms, when you configure the Page field, you can define "Next Button Conditional Logic". This setting does not work in GravityView Edit Entry.

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