Linking an Event to a Single Entry Page

Note: Linking a calendar event to the Single Entry page requires you to have GravityView installed with a View linked to your events form.

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If you're using the GravityCalendar plugin to display events, you may want to add a link to the Single Entry page where users can view more information about the event.

Here's how to create a link from the event tooltip to the Single Entry page of a View:

An event tooltip containing a 'Read more' link

1. Open Your GravityCalendar Feed Settings

To open the Calendar Feed Settings page, edit your form in Gravity Forms, click on Settings at the top, and select the GravityCalendar tab on the left. Find your feed and click on Edit.

Screenshot of the feed listing screen

Now scroll down to the Event Description box under Calendar Fields.

2. Add the [gv_entry_link] Shortcode to the Event Description

Now create a simple "Read more" link using the [gv_entry_link] shortcode:

The Calendar Event Description box containing the gv_entry_link shortcode

Here is the shortcode:

[gv_entry_link view_id="374" entry_id="{entry_id}"]Read more[/gv_entry_link]

Be sure to update the view_id and feel free to modify the words "Read more" to something else. 

3. Enable the Allow HTML Content option

This option must be enabled; otherwise, you won't have a clickable link created by the [gv_entry_link] shortcode.

Screenshot of the Allow HTML Content option

When users click "Read more", they'll be taken to the Single Entry page, where they can view more details about the event.

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