How to process shortcodes contained within fields used by the Calendar

When setting up a GravityCalendar feed, you can specify a field to populate the calendar title and description.

Screenshot showing the calendar feed configuration screen

Sometimes, these fields contain shortcodes, like the [gv_math] or the [gvlogic] shortcode. By using the code below, these shortcodes will be parsed and displayed correctly on your calendar:

add_filter( 'gravityview/calendar/events', 'gv_calendar_process_field_value_shortcode' );

 * Sometimes field values contain shortcodes you want to process. This does that.
 * @param array $events Array of events to display on the calendar.
 * @return array $events, but with `title` and `description` keys processed.
function gv_calendar_process_field_value_shortcode( $events ) {

	foreach ( $events as $key => $event ) {
		$events[ $key ]['title']       = do_shortcode( GVCommon::decode_shortcodes( $event['title'] ) );
		$events[ $key ]['description'] = do_shortcode( GVCommon::decode_shortcodes( $event['description'] ) );

	return $events;

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