How to search for an exact match

In order to search for exact matches in GravityView, use quotes around words.

GravityView supports exact-match search using Search Modifiers.

Arkansas and Kansas

What happens if you have a form with a United States "State" field and you search for Kansas? That depends on the type of search: exact-match or not.

With exact-match:

If you search for Kansas surrounded by double-quotes ("Kansas"), only the value matching exactly Kansas will appear, but Arkansas will not.

Without exact-match:

When searching for a value without quotes, GravityView will use the contains operator; if you search for the word Kansas, results containing that word, like "Arkansas", will also show up:

Screenshot showing search results with 2 entries where the state is Arkansas and 1 entry with state as Kansas

Learn more about fine-tuning search results in GravityView in this more detailed article.

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