Creating a leaderboard with GravityView

You can use GravityView to create a leaderboard from your Gravity Forms entries based on points, sales totals, or any Number field:

Example of a leaderboard sorted by a Number field in descending order

Here's how to create a leaderboard using GravityView and your Gravity Forms data:

1. Create a new View

To get started, create a new View by going to Views > New View:

Creating a new View to use as a leaderboard

2. Choose your Data Source and View Type

For this example, we're using an existing Gravity Forms form called Monthly Tracker and the Table View Type:

Choosing a data source and View type for a leaderboard

If you have the DataTables extension installed, you can use a DataTables View Type for your leaderboard if you prefer.

3. Add fields to your View

In the View Configuration box, under the Multiple Entries tab, click the "Add Field" button to choose the fields you wish to display on your leaderboard. Be sure to include the Number field you wish to use for ranking entries.

Adding fields from the Gravity Forms form to a leaderboard View

The Gravity Forms Number field used for leaderboard rankings can be a standalone number field or a calculated field. Numeric and Currency formats can be used as well.

Using a currency Number field with a formula for a leaderboard

You can add fields under the Single Entry and Edit Entry tabs for viewing and editing single entries

4. Set your sorting options

Under View Settings > Filter & Sort, set your View to sort by the Number field you're using to rank entries. Example:

Sorting a View by a Number field in Descending order to create a leaderboard

5. Limit the number of entries (optional)

If you want to create a Top X style leaderboard, you can limit the number of entries that appear in the View by entering a number in the "Number of entries per page" field under View Settings:

Limiting the number of entries to 10 for a leaderboard style View

With a Top X leaderboard, you'll also want to exclude any pagination or page size widgets so only your top X entries are displayed at all times.

6. Publish your leaderboard View

Once you have your fields and sorting in place, click the blue Publish button to publish your leaderboard:

Please note that your leaderboard does not update in real time. Users will need to refresh the View to see the most up to date results.

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