GravityRevisions Merge Tags

GravityRevisions comes with Merge Tags you can use in Gravity Forms notifications:

Merge Tag Description
{entry_revision_all_fields} A pre-formatted table of all submitted values of the most recent revision. Looks exactly like the  Gravity Forms {all_fields} Merge Tag, and supports all the {all_fields} Merge Tag modifiers.
{entry_revision_diff} A side-by-side comparison of the fields that have changed between the current entry and the most recent entry revision.
{entry_revision_list} A bulleted list of changes made to an entry over time.

Each change displays a thumbnail-sized image of the user who made the change, the date the change was made, and a link to restore the entry values from that change.

If no revision exists

If there are no revisions for an entry, the above Merge Tags will output "This entry has no revisions."

Embedded CSS

When Merge Tags are included in email notifications, the styles that make the table look super nice are added to the output of the Merge Tag. To disable that, you can add this code to your functions.php file:

// Don't embed <style> tags in the Merge Tag output
add_filter( 'gravityview/entry-revisions/embed-css', '__return_false' )
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