Conditional Logic on the Edit Entry page

Please read this other article if the "Update" button is not showing up.

Are some of your fields not showing up on the Edit Entry screen?

That's because whether the field is shown or hidden might be controlled by a Conditional Logic rule applied to fields on your form.

An example of how Conditional Logic can hide fields:

In the image below, the field "Add your first choice" will only show up if the option "First Choice" is selected on the field "Choose an option below":

In the Edit View GravityView page, we will add just the field "Add your second choice" to the Edit Entry screen... 

...and then we will edit an entry which has the "First Choice" option selected:

This is what happens:

The fix for the problem of the hidden field:

To make the field appear, we'll remove all fields from the Edit Entry screen...

...and now the fields appear correctly when we try to edit that same entry:

The user now has the choice to select a different option on the field "Choose an option below" and then update this entry with another value:

Don't want to display all your fields?

If you need to show only specific fields on the Edit Entry screen, then make sure the fields they depend on are added to this screen as well.

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