Hiding the Approve/Reject Entry column

Screenshot of the entries page of Gravity Forms

If you only want to display the Approve/Reject Entry column when there are Views connected to the form, you can use the following code  in your functions.php file

add_filter('gravityview/approve_entries/hide-if-no-connections', '__return_true');

If you would like only to hide the column for a specific form, you can do that using a different filter, gravityview/approve_entries/show-column. Here's an example:

add_filter('gravityview/approve_entries/show-column','gravityview_show_approved_entries_column', 10, 2 );

function gravityview_show_approved_entries_column( $show_approve_column, $form_id ) {
  // In this example, we want to HIDE the column for Gravity Forms form ID 2
  if( $form_id === 2 ) {
    return false;
  // For other forms, return the default.
  return $show_approve_column;

And if you would like to hide all the time, you can use this code:

// Hide the Entry Approval column in the Gravity Forms entries table
add_filter( 'gravityview/approve_entries/show-column', '__return_false' );

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