Modifying the output of the Edit Entry form

If you want to modify how the HTML of the fields render in the Edit Entry form, there's a filter you should use: gform_field_content. The key is to use it inside GravityView; add the filter inside the gravityview/edit-entry/render/before action and remove it inside the gravityview/edit-entry/render/after action.

About the gform_field_content filter

You can read a full write-up on the filter—including additional examples—on the Gravity Forms filter documentation page.

Sample code

Here's an example of using the filter to hide fields that have an empty value:

 * Add filters to the edit entry inputs when GravityView starts to render an entry.
add_action( 'gravityview/edit-entry/render/before', function() {
	// GravityView methods are run at priority 10; by running at 20, this will run after GV.
	add_filter( 'gform_field_content', 'gravityview_hide_empty_fields_in_edit_entry', 20, 5 );
} );

 * Remove the added filters.
add_action( 'gravityview/edit-entry/render/after', function() {
	remove_filter( 'gform_field_content', 'gravityview_hide_empty_fields_in_edit_entry', 20 );
} );

 * Modify the Edit Entry field HTML so that inputs aren't displayed for fields with empty values
 * @param string $content The edit entry field
 * @param array $field The Gravity Forms field array, with extra GravityView keys such as `gvCustomClass`
 * @param string $value The value of the field
 * @param int $entry_id The entry ID
 * @param int $form_id The form ID
 * @return string HTML output for the field in the Edit Entry form
function gravityview_hide_empty_fields_in_edit_entry( $content = '', $field = array(), $value = '', $lead_id = 0, $form_id = 0 ) {

	// This code makes the private method `get_field_value()` available publicly.
	$reflection = new \ReflectionClass( 'GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render' );
	$method     = $reflection->getMethod( 'get_field_value' );
	$method->setAccessible( true );

	$value = $method->invokeArgs( GravityView_Edit_Entry::getInstance()->instances['render'], array( $field ) );

	// If the value is empty, return nothing.
	if ( '' === $value || is_array( $value ) && ! array_filter( $value ) ) {
		return '';

	// Otherwise, return the original HTML output
	return $content;

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