Passing a field value from the View to a form on another page

If you'd like to create a custom link in your View to open a new page with a form, where some fields would be dynamically populated by the entry values, you could easily do it with GravityView and the Custom Content field type.

Let's imagine you have a Job Board, and you would like to add a link in the single-entry view (the Job description) to allow the candidate to apply to the job using a form (Gravity Forms). You would also like the form to be pre-populated with the job title or the reference (from the View).

To accomplish this setup, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Custom Content field to the View, and add a merge tag in the GravityView field configuration (here,  {Job Title:4})
    Screenshot of configuration of the Custom Content field in GravityView
  2. Let's say the Job Title for this entry is "Manager."
  3. Edit the form to Apply to the job, and set up the Gravity Forms field to "Allow field to be populated dynamically."Screenshot of Gravity Forms 'Main Business Phone' field
  4. The value will be filled in on the Gravity Forms form. The link should generate like this:
    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer"></a>
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