Getting started with the Gravity Forms Entry Tags field

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In this article, we will show you how to configure and use the Gravity Forms "Entry Tags" field.

The “Entry Tags” field is for adding tags to regular form submissions (entries). The tags added using this field are not related to the tags associated with WordPress posts. The Entry Tags field is not the same as the "Tags" field found under "Post Fields", which are for adding tags to WordPress Posts.

A screenshot of the
Entry Tags can be found under Advanced Fields in the Gravity Forms form editor.

In the form editor, you can find "Entry Tags" under "Advanced Fields". To add it to your form, simply drag and drop it into place. Now you can open the field settings to configure the field choices.

The field settings for the Tag field with an arrow pointing to a button labeled 'Edit Choices'

When you click "Edit Choices", you can add multiple options here with unique colors. To add a new tag, click the "+" icon. To remove a tag, click the "-" icon.

A list of tags inside the Entry Tags field choices. Each tag has an associated color.

To change the color associated with a tag, click on the colored square to the left of the label. This will open the color picker.

Color picker for each tag uses the WordPress color picker.

Here's what the tag field looks like on the front end. As you can see, it functions somewhat like a Multi-Select field, allowing users to choose one or more tags from a list of options.

Adding tags to a form submission using the Entry Tags field.

Note: On the Gravity Forms "Entries" page in the WordPress Admin, tags are clickable. When clicking on a tag, entries filter immediately to display submissions with that tag.

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