The GravityView Direct Access Setting

In this article, we will discuss the “Direct Access” setting in the View editor.

In the “Publish” metabox in the GravityView View editor, there is an option to modify the direct access settings for the View. Clicking on the “Edit” link here will allow you to select between two options: “Publicly Accessible” (default) or “Embed-only”. 

The new 'Direct Access' setting on the publish metabox

Setting this option to “Publicly Accessible” will ensure that the View can be accessed by website visitors and search engines via a direct permalink. 

What does this mean? Views are registered on WordPress as Custom Post Types, and they are accessible directly via a permalink containing the /view/ slug in the URL. If your View is set to “Publicly Accessible”, the View will remain accessible via this link.

However, if your View’s access settings are set to “Embed-only”, website visitors and search engines will not be able to access the View via this permalink. The View will only be accessible via the location (i.e., page or post) where it has been embedded using the GravityView block or shortcode.

Note that you can also modify the direct access option from the “Permissions” tab in the View settings metabox.

A checkbox labeled 'Prevent Direct Access' under the GravityView  'Permissions' settings

Reasons to prevent direct access to Views

You may be wondering why you would want to prevent direct access to a View. Here are some potential reasons:

  • You have embedded your View on a page/post, and you only want it to be accessible via that page/post.
  • You have embedded your View on a page/post and you want to avoid having duplicate content on your website.
  • You don’t want the View permalink to be included in your website’s sitemap.
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