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In the Settings metabox since GravityView 2.19, there is a “Custom Code” tab. Here, you can add your own CSS and JavaScript code, giving you an easy way to customize your Views.

⚠️ Custom CSS and JavaScript is advanced functionality. Use at your own risk: invalid code entered in this settings may break functionality of GravityView!

The Custom Code panel showing text editors for adding CSS and JavaScript code

Why? It’s easier than workarounds.

There are so many ways to add custom CSS and JavaScript, but none of them are as straightforward as having the ability built into GravityView 🙂

Previously, we may have suggested adding CSS to Custom Content widgets, to the WordPress Customizer, or in a HTML block above where you embed a View. Now, add it to the View configuration directly.

Implementation Details

  • Custom CSS contents are output after the gravityview_default_style CSS file is rendered in the header. The CSS is added using WordPress’ wp_add_inline_style function.
  • Custom JavaScript contents are output after the gravityview-fe-view script is printed in the footer during the wp_print_footer_scripts action. The JS is added using WordPress’ wp_add_inline_script() function.
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