Grouping rows by common field values

In this article, we will show you how to group rows by common field values in DataTables.

Start by enabling the "RowGroup" feature. You can find this option by navigating to the View editor, scrolling down to the View Settings, and clicking on the "DataTables" tab on the left. After enabling RowGroup Tables, you will need to choose a field to use for row groupings, select the group position, and choose the group sort direction.

The RowGroup settings inside the DataTables settings tab

That's it! Now, the rows in your table will be grouped by common field values, just as the below screenshot shows (in this example, entries are grouped by category).

A DataTables table containing rows that are grouped by their category

RowGroup is not compatible with the "Scroller" setting enabled, and exported values will not be grouped. These are known limitations with DataTables.

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