DataTables Field Filters

This feature requires DataTables 3.0 and GravityView 2.15 or newer.

DataTables 3.0 introduced Field Filters. This functionality adds individual search fields to the table header or footer (or both at the same time) for each column on your View:

This powerful functionality allows you to perform data drilling (also known as drill down) searches by filtering multiple columns at the same time:

To enable this functionality, go to the DataTables tab inside the View Settings metabox and check the Enable Field Filters option. It's also possible to choose the location in the table where Field Filters will be displayed.

Screenshot of the Field Filters option inside the DataTables tab in the View Settings metabox

Choosing what columns are filtered

In DataTables 3.3, we added a "Fields with Filter" option that allows you enable field filters on a per-column basis. Choose which fields have the filtering ability.

A multi-select field for choosing which fields should include a filter

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