What are "Search as map moves" and "Redo search in map"?

At the top right of the map, you'll either see a button that says "Redo search in map" or a checkbox that says "Search as map moves". In this article, we explain what this refers to.

Search as map moves

When this checkbox is checked, the entries in the View below the Map will update in real-time as you click and drag the map to new locations.

The 'Search as map moves

Redo search in map

When you click "Redo search in map", the map will refresh to include any entries that are within your current map window. This is helpful if you have just performed a geolocation search but want to scroll to a different area of the map to check if any entries are located there.

Clicking on the 'Redo search in map' button and seeing the map refresh

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