How to enable radius search

In this article, we'll show you how to enable radius search for the GravityView Maps layout. Radius search allows you to search for map locations within a specified radius. You can also search on your current location. This is a powerful feature, enabling you to build geolocation applications like store locators and business directories.

To enable the radius search feature, you'll need to add a "Geolocation radius" search input field to your Search Bar widget. To do this, edit your View and click on the gear icon to the left of the search bar widget label. Next, click on the green "+" icon to add a new search input and select the "Geolocation Radius" option. the Geolocation Radius search input, which can be added to the GravityView Search Bar widget

Now scroll down to the View settings. Here you can set the default radius and the default radius unit (miles or kilometers).

Options in the GravityView View settings allowing you to set the default radius size and unitNow open your View on the front end. The Geolocation Radius search field includes three, separate search inputs. 

A View with a map with search fields for location, radius size and radius unit

  1. Location: Here you can start typing an address, and it will autocomplete with several different options to choose from. You can also click on the map marker icon to center the map on your current location.
  2. Radius size: How big should the search radius be?
  3. Radius units: Should the radius be calculated in miles or kilometers?
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