The View Container <div>

Views that use List and Table layouts are wrapped in a container  <div> with the following structure:

<div id="{anchor_id}">{content}</div>

{content} is replaced with the View output and {anchor_id} is replaced with the unique ID of the container.

The container ID

This is the structure of the container ID:  #gv-view-{View ID}-{incremental counter}

The ID has an incremental counter that increases each time a View is displayed on a page. The counter starts at  1.

Example of the container ID

We are displaying a View with an ID of 245.

The first time View #245 is displayed on a page, it will be wrapped in a container of  <div id="gv-view-245-1">. Note the View ID (245) and the counter (1).

If we embed the View again on the same page, the container will be  <div id="gv-view-245-2">. The View ID is the same, but the counter is now 2.

The gravityview/view/wrapper_container filter

You can modify or disable the container by using the  gravityview/view/wrapper_container filter.

Filter parameters:

Parameter Type Default
$wrapper_container string Wrapper container HTML markup.
$anchor_id string Unique anchor ID to identify the view. Generated by the  \GV\View::get_anchor_id() method.
$view \GV\View The View.

Disable the View container:

To prevent wrapping the View in a container (and restore the HTML structure prior to 2.15), add this filter:

add_filter( 'gravityview/view/wrapper_container', '__return_false' );
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