Type of Fields Allowed as Data Source on a Chart

In GravityCharts, only certain types of fields are allowed to be used as the data source for a chart. 

These fields all have one thing in common, they allow for choices: Drop Down, Multi-Select Drop Down, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes.

Our charts add-on also supports these same fields from the Survey add-on and Quiz add-on (Scores are not supported).

Only one field can be used at this moment to generate a chart. You can create multiple charts for the same form by creating multiple feeds (1 feed = 1 chart).

Screenshot of the chart feed configuration showing the data source drop down listing all the supported file types

⚠️Multiple Rows Likert Survey fields are not yet supported.

Number fields

Number fields are supported but they must be aggregated under a date field when "Show on Timeline" is selected as the Data Type:

Screenshot showing how to set up a chart for a number field

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