Understanding Time-Based Proration for License Upgrades

When you buy any product from GravityKit, you can upgrade your license anytime. The amount you pay for the upgrade will be prorated based on how long you have left on your current license. When there are less than 90 days remaining in your license, the upgrade price will be the difference between the two licenses.

In other words, you will pay the difference in cost between the two licenses as a prorated amount based on the time you have left on the current license.

Prorated pricing example

Let's say you have a GravityView license which costs $99/year, and you want to upgrade to All Access ($499/year), but you still have 219 days left on your current billing cycle (you've had your current license for 146 days). When upgrading, you will pay the price difference multiplied by the remaining time in the license. Here's math illustrating this example:

  1. $499 - $99 = $400
    The price difference is $400
  2. 1 - ( 146 / 365 ) = 0.6 
    146 days (40%) of the current billing period have been used; 60% of the billing period remains
  3. $400 * 0.6 = $240 
    The cost of the prorated upgrade is the price difference multiplied by the remaining time in the billing period

Note: When the upgraded license renews, the renewal price is the total cost of the All Access license ($499).

Upgrading does not change your renewal date

When you upgrade, you will pay a fraction of the full license price. If your renewal date is one month in the future, you will pay 1/12 the normal cost. Your renewal date will be the same after upgrading: in this example, the license will renew at full price in a month.

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