Upgrading your license

If you have a Core or Core + Extensions license, you can upgrade your license at any time for the just the difference in cost.

There are two ways to upgrade your license: from your GravityView Account page, or from the GravityView Settings page on your website.

1. On your GravityView Account page. If you are able to upgrade, the upgrade options will appear on the "Your Licenses" tab, under "Upgrades". Click the link to upgrade. 

an upgrade license link on the GravityView license screen on the GravityView website

Additionally (if you have upgrades available), they will appear on the GravityView Settings page on your website, you'll also see a link for upgrades, if they are available.

An upgrade license link inside the GravityView settings in WordPress

Once you click the link, you will be taken to the GravityView website's cart page.

You'll notice the upgrade price is applied in the cart.

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