The {is_starred} Merge Tag

Added in GravityView 2.14, the {is_starred} Merge Tag will show whether an entry has been.

  • If an entry is starred, {is_starred} is replaced with 1.
  • If an entry is not starred, {is_starred} is replaced with 0.

How to show different content based on whether an entry is starred

Sometimes you want to know whether an entry has been starred when using the [gvlogic] shortcode

Using the [gvlogic] shortcode, you don't need to add anything more than the "if" statement:

[gvlogic if="{is_starred}"]
🤩 This entry is starred!
🙁 This entry is not starred

Here's how to show content that will appear if an entry is starred, but no content will appear if it is not:

[gvlogic if="{is_starred}"]⭐️ This entry is starred![/gvlogic]
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