Filtered results are not showing

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If your View that uses Advanced Filter is not returning any results, it could be due to several reasons:

  1. Incorrect filter conditions.
  2. Make sure that you properly specify filter values and group them using the appropriate AND/OR operators.

  3. A failed database query.
  4. When you have multiple filter conditions and many entries, the database may reject the query if the number of potential records being examined exceeds the value configured in database settings. One of these settings is  max_join_size that prevents long queries from being run in order to preserve server resources. The best way to determine if the issue is due to a database query is to install the Query Monitor plugin and review its output on the View page. You will see all queries made when loading the page, along with any errors reported by the database.

  5. Interference by other plugins.
  6. Advanced Filter hooks to Gravity Forms’ GF_Query class by adding additional join clauses. When other plugins also modify the database query performed by GF_Query, that may lead to unexpected results. Again, you can use the Query Monitor plugin to review the query performed to confirm the presence of extra clauses (e.g., WHERE foo = "bar") that should not be there. To find the culprit, you can use the elimination method by disabling one plugin at a time and refreshing the page, then contacting the culprit plugin's author to inquire about a potential solution.

Once you have established that none of these three reasons apply to you, please contact our support for further troubleshooting. 

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