Developer Hooks for GravityMath

  • gravityview/math/table_footer_calculation/math_shortcode Modify Math shortcode parameters before calculation
  • gravityview/math/table_footer_calculation/calculation_result Modify calculation result
  • gravityview/math/table_footer_calculation/format_time_field_calculation_result Format calculation result of a time field
  • gravityview/math/entries/visible Modify visible entries
  • gravityview/math/aggregate_data/modify_field_value Modify field value used for aggregate data calculation

gravityview/math/entries/visible modifies visible entries used in the calculation 

Since 2.0

$entries array[] Array of visible entries used to calculate the current result.
$atts array Shortcode parameters

gravityview/math/aggregate_data/modify_field_value modifies field values used for aggregate data calculation

Since 2.0

$value string Array of visible entries used to calculate the current result.
$transform_value string The transformation operation name passed via shortcode

gravityview/math/shortcode/output modify the output of the shortcode

Since 1.0

$result string Shortcode output.

Here's an example to display 0 when the calculation result is empty for some reason:

add_filter('gravityview/math/shortcode/output', function( $result) {
	return ($result === '') ? 0 : $result;
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