GravityImport: "The importer encountered an error that prevents it from continuing"

If you encounter the error screen "The importer encountered an error that prevents it from continuing", here's the most likely reason:

The website running the plugin has the REST API disabled.

1. In the WordPress Dashboard, click on the Tools menu, then click on Site Health

Screenshot of the WordPress menu, hovering over Tools, with Site Health visible Don't see the Site Health option? Your site is running a version older than WordPress 5.2. Please upgrade to the latest version.

2. See if the REST API is mentioned in the report

Is there anything that includes the words REST API? If so, click on it to expand the report.

Screenshot of the Site Health report, with 'The REST API encountered an unexpected result' visible.

3. Share what the report says with GravityKit's support staff

Your site may be running a plugin that restricts access to the REST API. Please see if any plugins are running that restrict REST API access, and if they are, let support know. We'll try and get it working while keeping your security restrictions intact.

If the REST API has been disabled by your host, please get contact them and ask them to enable the REST API. It can be because of hosting security settings.

The GravityImport plugin uses the gravityview/import/v1 REST namespace. If your host or plugin allows you to enable access to the plugin, enabling REST access to that path should fix this issue.

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