How to track pageviews for entries using the [gv_pageviews] shortcode

Have you ever wanted to show how many times an entry has been visited by users?

You can track the number of visitors to an entry using GravityView's integration with the Pageviews plugin. It's a great visitor counter plugin that now works to track hits to an entry.

When the Pageviews plugin is active, add the [gv_pageviews] shortcode to a Single Entry context automatically works with GravityView to track visitors.

To track visitors to an entry:

1. Edit the entry

2. Click the Single Entry tab

The Single Entry tab in an Edit View screen

3. Add a Custom Content field to your entry

Screenshot of the Add Field picker in GravityView, with Custom Content highlighted

4. Click the gear icon on the newly-added Custom Content field

Screenshot of the gear icon of the Custom Content field

5. Add this shortcode to the Custom Content field: [gv_pageviews]

Screenshot of a Custom Content field with '[gv_pageviews]' added.

6. Update the View

Screenshot of the Update button in WordPress

7. Visit your entry and refresh the page!

You'll see a number visible that shows the visit count after refreshing. 

Warning: the animated GIF below has flashes as the page reloads.

An animated GIF of a GravityView entry being refreshed, incrementing by one each time.

The [gv_pageviews] shortcode:

The shortcode has these attributes:

  • preload (optional) The preload text, shown while calculating the number of visits. Default: ...
  • id (optional) If you want to display Is {entry_id} by default.

What happens when the shortcode is embedded in Multiple Entries?

If the [gv_pageviews] shortcode is embedded anywhere other than a Single Entry context, the Pageview count will be shown, but not incremented.

Show a different message while the visits count is calculating

To change the preloading message from ..., use the preload shortcode attribute.

This shortcode: [gv_pageviews preload="Calculating visits…"] will show as this while the calculation is made:

Screenshot of entry with the shortcode rendering as "Calculating visits…" while the result is calculated.

The limitations:

  • The shortcode cannot be used outside of the Custom Content field without supplying the id.
  • Cannot sort, order, or filter by pageview (unfortunately!)
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