The {gv_entry_link} Merge Tag

This Merge Tag doesn't work inside form notifications.

The {gv_entry_link} Merge Tag is very similar to the [gv_entry_link] shortcode, but it has limited options and it only returns a URL: {gv_entry_link:[post id]:[action]} 

For example: {gv_entry_link:123:edit} Links to Edit Entry page for the current entry. 123 refers to either the View ID or the ID of the page where the View is embedded.

  • [post id] is the View ID—or the post or page where the View is embedded. If this Merge Tag is used in a View, the default value will be automatically calculated.
  • [action] the action to be performed. View Details (view), Edit Entry (edit), or Delete Entry (delete). Default: view.

Usage inside a Custom Content field

This Merge Tag should always be used inside the Entries Fields section of a View to get the context of the entry.

Screenshot of the View editor

Screenshot of the Custom Content field showing the use of the gv_entry_link Merge Tag

This will generate a link to the Single Entry page of that entry:

Screenshot of a View showing the Custom Content field containing a link

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