Duplicating a Gravity Forms entry from the backend of your site

Note: This functionality requires GravityView 2.6.

With GravityView installed and activated, go to your Gravity Forms Entries screen.

Hover over or navigate to the entry you wish to duplicate. Links will appear. Click the Duplicate link.

Screenshot of the Entry row, with the action links appearing below. The Duplicate link is circled in green.

Note: The entry is not exactly the same

The entry field data will be the same, but the entry "meta data" will differ. When you click Duplicate, a new entry will be created with the same submitted form data as the original entry, but some details will change:

  • date_created The date_created will be set to the time the entry was duplicated
  • is_starred Whether the entry is starred or not will be reset
  • is_read The duplicated entry will be marked as unread, regardless of the original entry read status
  • source_url will be updated to the current Gravity Forms entries screen URL
  • ip The IP address of the current user (disabled if the form does not allow collecting IP Addresses)
  • user_agent will be based on the current user
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