Using an Admin Label for Custom Content fields

When creating or editing a View and using two or more Custom Content fields, it can be difficult to tell them apart from the default "Custom Content" admin label:

Screenshot of two Custom Content fields added to the View layout

To remedy this issue, GravityView allows you to set an Admin Label, which is only visible from the View editor to users with the ability to add and edit Views.

To set an Admin Label for your Custom Content field, click the blue gear icon to the right of your Custom Content field:

Screenshot of the View editor pointing to the gear icon next to a custom content field

On the Field Settings screen, enter your label in the Admin Label text box:

Screenshot of the custom content field settings screen showin g the Admin Label text box

Once you set your Admin Label and click the Close button on the Options screen, you'll see your new label:

Screenshot of the View editor showing that custom content field now has "Print"as the new admin label

Frontend users will not see the Admin label.

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