Is it possible to style the map?

The Maps Premium View does allow you to add custom styles to change the look of the map. 

The process is quite simple:

1. Access the styling wizard at

2. Customize the map to your liking using the settings on the left side panel. At the bottom of that panel, there's a "MORE OPTIONS" link containing even more detailed options.

Screenshot of the map style editor

3. Once you're done, click the blue "FINISH" button at the bottom of the left panel.

Screenshot of the map style editor

4. A dialogue will pop up with your new styling as a JSON-formatted snippet. Click the "COPY JSON" link to copy that code.

Screenshot of the map style editor pop up dialog

5. Paste your recently copied code snippet into the Custom Map Styles option in your View editor's View Settings metabox.

Screenshot of the View Settings metabox

Update (or Publish) your View, and that's it! Check your Map View for the newly applied styles.

Screenshot of the Publish metabox inside the View Editor

Thanks to Saul Baizman for the tip!

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