Import Step: Choose a form for this import

The form you select will be the destination of the imported CSV rows.

The form you select in this step will be the form your CSV rows will be imported into.

Don't see your form?

1. Scroll down or search

The list of forms is scrollable and searchable. Type in the first few letters of the name of the form and you should see it come up. If there are many forms with similar names, you can scroll the list.

2. It may be in the trash! 🗑

Click on Forms in the sidebar menu. Then find the form status filter menu (pictured below):

Click on the Trash link, then find the form you're looking for. To restore the form, hover over the form and click the Restore link (pictured below):

Hovering over a form in the Trash folder, with arrow pointing at Restore link

3. The form may be inactive.

Only active forms will be displayed in the list of forms. Make sure that the form you want to import is active.

In the sidebar menu, click on Forms, find the form that you want to import into, and make sure that it is enabled.

The form in the image below is disabled. Click on the toggle to enable it:

This form is disabled. Click on the toggle to enable it.

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