Create a new form in Gravity Forms from a CSV

Gravity Forms Entry Importer allows you to create a new form when you are uploading your CSV file. This can save you time when you need to build a new form for a large CSV of data.

The New Form functionality is also great if you want to easily create a new Gravity Form with a large assortment of radio button choices, checkboxes, drop-down options, and more. When you are creating a new form, Entry Importer will automatically add all the values from your CSV as new form options. This is a huge time-saver.

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First, Hover over  Forms in the left-hand menu, click on Import/Export, and then click on Import Entries.

The Import Entries tab on the Import/Export page in Gravity Forms

You’ll now see the GravityView Import Entries screen. You can click to upload your CSV file, or simply drag and drop it into the upload box.

The GravityView Import Entries screen where you upload your CSV file

After your file has been uploaded, you have the choice to either:

  1. Import it to an existing form
  2. Create a new form

Select "Create a New Form" and give your new form a name.

The option to import entries to existing form or create a new form

The importer will automatically detect the different field types in your CSV and match them to the correct type in Gravity Forms. However, you can override this by clicking on the Field Type dropdown menu and selecting the field type manually.

Mapping fields from the CSV file to the correct field type in Gravity FormsAfter mapping your fields, the final step is to configure the Import Options. You can choose to continue processing if errors occur, import entries based on conditional logic, and send email notifications for each imported entry.

The different Import OptionsWhen you're done, click "Create Form and Continue With Import". The importer will now create a brand new form for you in Gravity Forms and import all your entries to that same form.

The newly imported entries in Gravity Forms

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