Post Image Meta information: Title, Caption and Description for the Post Image field

This article applies to GravityView 1.1.7 and newer.

Gravity Forms allows you to define Image Meta for Post Image fields. They enable users to enter additional information about the uploaded image. The metadata fields are:

  • Title
  • Caption
  • Description

GravityView has a filter named gravityview_post_image_meta that allows you to modify how the Image Meta is displayed.

CSS Structure

If Gravity Forms Output HTML5 setting is enabled, the Post Image will be wrapped in a <figure> tag with the Caption Image Meta being wrapped in a <figcaption> tag. Otherwise, both will be wrapped in a <div> tag.

Here's the structure of how the field is output:

  • .gv-image - Container for all field output
    • .gv-image-caption, .gv-image-description, or .gv-image-title - Container for the meta being displayed
      • .gv-image-label - Container for the label
      • .gv-image-value - Container for the value

Modifying the Image Meta output

The gravityview_post_image_meta filter passes an array with title, caption, and description keys. Each has an associative array with he following values:

  • label => The value of the label (example: Title:)
  • value => The value of the current image meta (title, caption, description)
  • tag_label => The tag used to wrap the label, without brackets (default: div)
  • tag_value => The tag used to wrap the value, without brackets (default: div)

Hide all image meta fields

If you don't want to display any image meta, you can use the following code:

add_filter('gravityview_post_image_meta', '__return_empty_array' );

Hide specific Image Meta

To hide the caption, you can use the code below:

add_filter('gravityview_post_image_meta', 'remove_caption_from_gravityview_post_image_meta' );
function remove_caption_from_gravityview_post_image_meta( $image_meta ) {
    unset( $image_meta['caption'] );
    return $image_meta;

Hide the labels

GravityView also has a gravityview_post_image_meta_show_labels filter, which allows you to hide all the labels for the Post Image Meta.

If you want to display the value without the labels, use the code below:

add_filter('gravityview_post_image_meta_show_labels', '__return_false');
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