How do I filter by a specific entry ID?

If you want to create a link to a View that goes to the Multiple Entries context but only shows entries that are pre-filtered to a single entry based on its ID, you can do that two different ways:

1. Using the Search Bar

  1. Add a Search Bar widget to your View
  2. Add an Entry ID field
  3. Save the View
  4. Go to your View URL and add ?gv_id=123 to the page URL, where 123 is the number of the entry

2. Using Advanced Filtering

Note: This requires the Advanced Filter extension, included in the Core + Extensions and All Access licenses.

  1. Edit the View and go to View Settings
  2. Click on Filter & Sort
  3. Add a filter to the View where "Entry ID" "is"
  4. Choose the name of the URL filter you would like to use. In this example, we are using a placeholder ParameterName
  5. Add a {get} Merge Tag as to the filter value, using your parameter name (in this example, {get:ParameterName}
  6. Save your View
  7. Access your View and add the Entry ID to the URL like this:, where 123 is the Entry ID.

the Sort & Filter View Settings pane, with Advanced Filtering configured to filter by 'Entry ID' 'is' '{get:ParameterName}'

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