Multiple Forms: How the "Strict Entry Match" setting works

The Multiple Forms plugin allows you to display entry values from multiple forms in a single View.

The plugin adds a setting called "Strict Entry Match" to the View Settings box. It looks like this:

The "Strict Entry Match" setting in the View Settings metabox in GravityView's Edit View screen

By default, all entries in the parent form connected to a View will be shown. If the connected forms do not have any values, they will be displayed as blank:

But by enabling the Strict Entry Match setting, only the rows that contain results for both forms will be shown:

Here's an example showing three connected forms.

By default, all entries in the main form (Form A) are shown regardless of whether those records have a match in the connected form.

When we enable "Strict Entry Match" for this hypothetical View, the only row displayed will be row four, because the entry in Form A also has matching entries in all of the connected forms.

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