Developer hooks for GravityRevisions

This is a list of developer filters available in the GravityRevisions plugin. They use WordPress' add_filter() function.


Filters the output for the revisions list HTML.

type parameter description
string $output If the entry is not found, outputs "revision not found" message. On "Entry Details" pages where the current entry is a revision, the output is a link to the entry comparison.
array $entry The entry connected to the displayed revisions.
array $revisions Array of revisions being rendered by the method.


Filters the revision title, which is used when rendering the revision list and the comparison ("diff") table caption.

type parameter description
string $revision_title Existing revision title
array $revision The revision entry array
array $revision_details Additional information used in the title, passed as associative array. Keys include format, gravatar, author, date, current_entry


Specify the field IDs and meta keys to not display in the diff table

type parameter description
array $ignored_keys Array of field and meta keys, like [ "id", "date_updated", "1.2" ]
array $form The form connected to the entry/revision diff being displayed


Modify whether to remove Gravity Forms hooks when restoring an entry.

type parameter description
bool $remove_hooks Whether to remove Gravity Forms hooks when restoring an entry. [Default: true]
int $entry_id ID of entry being restored to


Modifies whether—when creating a revision—a new revision should be created with the prior state.

type parameter description
bool $add_new Should a new revision be created based on the entry before the restoration? [Default: true]
array $prior_entry Entry before restoring values
array $new_entry Current entry, after restoring values


Modifies whether a revision should be deleted after it has been restored.

type parameter description
bool $remove_after_restore Should a revision be deleted after restoration? [Default: false]
int $revision_id ID of revision being restored
int $entry_id ID of connected entry


Modify how the diff rows are rendered.

type parameter description
array $diff_row_args

Args passed to GV_Entry_Revisions::text_diff_row().

  • string $empty_value Value shown when a row is empty
  • string $row_label Label for the row
  • bool$show_inputs Whether to show the radio buttons used to restore a revision
array $context

Additional information about the current row being rendered.

  • GF_Field $field Field being rendered
  • string $label Label of the field being rendered
  • string $key Input ID of the field being rendered


 * Modify the "No Value" message in the comparison table when there was nothing set for the field
add_filter( "gravityview/entry-revisions/diff-row-args", function( $diff_row_args ) {
  $diff_row_args["empty_value"] = "null"; // Previously: "<em>No Value</em>"
  return $diff_row_args;
} );


In Gravity Forms' Entry List table, there are filter links to filter entries. By default, the plugin adds an "Entry Revisions" link. Use this filter to disable adding that link by returning false.

type parameter description
bool $show_filter_links True: show the "approved"/"disapproved" filter links. False: hide them. [Default: true]
array $form Gravity Forms form object of the current form


add_filter( "gravityview/entry-revisions/show-filter-links", "__return_false" );


Modify whether to include embedded <style> HTML tag with inline CSS rules with the output of the {entry_revision_diff} Merge Tag.

type parameter description
bool $embed_css Whether to embed the CSS tag. [Default is determined by whether a notification is currently being sent]


Whether to trigger or suppress send notifications when an entry revision is added. (Added in 1.0.2)

type parameter description
bool $send_notification Should a notification be sent when a revision is created? [Default: true]
array $revision_to_add The new revision added
array $current_entry The replaced entry
array $changed_fields The new entry, with only the changed fields
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