How to restore field values with the GravityRevisions plugin

The GravityRevisions plugin enables you to undo changes to Gravity Forms entry values. It's like Track Changes for Gravity Forms entries: after installing the GravityRevisions plugin, every change to an entry with Gravity Forms or GravityView will be logged.

Note: Changes made to an entry using the Gravity Forms API are not logged.

Here's a simplified demonstration of how to restore an entry:

I see a value has changed in a Gravity Forms entry, and I want to revert it.

My old entry value was perfect, and I want it back!

Go to the "Forms" menu in the WordPress sidebar, click on Entries, then click on the entry from which you wish to restore an old field value.

Below an entry's "Notes" box is the "Entry Revisions" box

The Entry Revisions box displays a list of all the changes made to an entry.

To see what field values changed (or to restore those values), click the link.

Choose the fields you want to keep and restore

You can quickly select all fields by checking the box at the top or the bottom of the table.

Click the "Restore These Values" button

Once you have selected the values you wish to restore, click the "Restore These Values" button.

Now the current entry values include the restored field values

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