What caching plugin do we recommend? WP Rocket.

Looking for a WordPress caching plugin for your website? We recommend WP Rocket. It's user-friendly, intuitive to use, and doesn't require deep technical knowledge. Most importantly, it works well with GravityView!

WP Rocket

Not sure what a caching plugin is (or why you should use one?) Give this post a read. In short, a caching plugin speeds up your website by saving frequently-accessed files in the user's browser. Using a caching plugin is a must if you want your website to load quickly!

Instead of re-downloading all of the images, text, and other files every time a visitor navigates to your site, resources will simply be stored in their local browser cache. Additionally, caching plugins reduce the amount of times that your website needs to access its database in order to load content. These features (and numerous others) result in dramatically-improved load times.

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