Known issue: When editing entries that have conditional calculations, the result may be incorrect

Suppose your form has one or more fields with conditional logic to control its visibility on the form, AND these fields are used in a calculation. In that case, you might experience a miscalculation when editing that form submission in Gravity Forms or GravityView.

Here's how this "bug" occurs

This is a simple form, it contains three Number fields:

The field "Number 2" should only show up if the value of the field "Number 1" is greater than 5:

And this field should capture the value of the field "Number 1" with the following calculation rule:

Our "Total" field contains a calculation rule to add the value of the field "Number 1" to the value of the field "Number 2":

Now, let's play with the form

Typing "5" results in a total of "5", which is correct since "5" is not "greater than 5" as we specified in our conditional logic for the field "Number 2":

Typing 6 in the field "Number 1", results in the field "Number 2" showing up with the value of the field "Number 1":

Okay, everything is working as expected. So, let's get back to typing only "5" in the "Number 1" field and submitting the form.

That's our entry (form submission). Now, on that same very page, let's just click on the "Edit" button and then on the "Update" button, which will show up without touching the values in the fields:

And here's the outcome:

As we can see, the conditional logic for the field "Number 2" is completely ignored by Gravity Forms on this page. The same will happen when editing this same entry on GravityView.

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