“Claim Entry” functionality with GravityView and Gravity Flow

TLDR: You can claim an entry in GravityView using the Gravity Flow plugin described in this how-to article.

What's "Claim Entry"?

Many of our customers use GravityView to display a list of businesses (a directory). They add the businesses and then want the business owners to be able to update the information—store hours, address, description, etc.

Right now, there's no easy way to do that. Here's how it is currently done: the business owner creates an account, sends an email to the site administrator requesting she assign the business' Gravity Forms entry to them, and the administrator uses GravityView's "Change Entry Creator" functionality to update the entry manually, then she emails the business owner that they are now able to edit their GravityView business listing.

That's tedious. Too much work!

There must be a better way.

Claim Entry was one of the first features we planned to support in GravityView. Still, each time we started developing the Claim Entry functionality, we determined it was already better implemented using the Gravity Flow plugin. Gravity Flow specializes in making multi-step approval processes easy. So Gravity Flow is our recommended solution!

Steve at Gravity Flow has written a helpful reply with the perfect solution. In this how-to, he outlines a simple process where you can set up your own Claim Entry form.

Because Gravity Flow does Claim Entry so well, we will not be adding it to the GravityView core. We recommend using Gravity Flow in combination with GravityView instead.

Follow these instructions to set up Claim Entry using Gravity Flow and GravityView.

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