"Encrypt emails" is checked, but emails are still readable

GravityView encrypts emails to make them hard for spam bots to read, but they still look the same for users.

Behind the scenes, GravityView turns the email link into code that is hard for automated crawlers to read. This system works extremely well.

When a human clicks the link, their browser will decrypt the encoded email address, and everything will work normally. Bots don't have that functionality.

There's no good way to prevent humans from harvesting emails that are visible, so we don't prevent humans from copying and pasting email addresses.

The good news? This system works well against bots and crawlers 🤖

Because the encryption requires Javascript, if you disable Javascript, you'll see the field is not visible:

Email hidden; Javascript is required.

The Javascript decrypts the email address, encrypted as expected in the HTML. 🔐

Encrypted email address code. Looks very encrypted and secure! 

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