How to Setup the Ratings & Reviews Extension

In this article, we’ll show you how to get set up with the Ratings & Reviews extension.

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Installing the Ratings and Reviews Extension

You can install the Ratings & Reviews extension from inside WordPress. First, hover over "GravityKit" and click on the "Manage Your Kit" link.

Now, scroll down to “Ratings & Reviews” (under "Extensions") and click "Install Now".

The Install Now button for the GravityView Ratings & Reviews extension

Allow WordPress Comments

Ratings & Reviews uses the WordPress comment functionality, so for it to work correctly, you’ll need to enable comments in the WordPress settings.

To do this, hover over Settings in the left-hand menu and click Discussion. Now check the box that says, “Allow people to submit comments on new posts”.

WordPress Discussion settings

Enable Reviews and Choose a Rating Type

Open your View editor, scroll down to the View Settings and click on the Ratings & Reviews tab. To enable entry reviews, check the box that says “Enable entry reviews”.

The Ratings & Reviews settings in the GravityView View settings

Now you can configure the remaining options:

Setting Name Description Default
Review type

Switches the rating system between "5-Star Rating" or "Vote".

"Stars" shows a 5-star rating scale.

"Vote" shows arrows for up-voting and down-voting.

5-Star Rating
Disable downvoting Shown when "Review type" is set to "Vote". When enabled, hides the downvote option and only shows the option to upvote. False
Require ratings Forces reviews to always require ratings. False
Limit to one review per person per entry Limits a single person to one vote per entry. Note: Administrators are not bound by this limitation. True
Hide ratings fields Enabling this will hide the rating fields so users can only post text reviews.
Hide title and description fields Enabling this will hide the rating fields so users can only post text reviews.
Allow empty review text Note: enable this option when using "Vote" review type.
Allow users to edit their reviews Allows users to change their review or rating after submission. False
Reviews edit duration

Specify the amount of time, in seconds, that a user should be able to edit their review. Enter zero for no cutoff.

Some common values:

  • Minute: 60
  • 30 minutes: 1800
  • Hour: 3600
  • Six hours: 21600
  • Day: 86400
  • Week: 604800
  • Month: 2592000
  • Year: 31536000
3600 (1 day)
Show reviewer Gravatar Shows the commenter/reviewer's Gravatar next to their review. False

When you’re done, you can start adding rating and review fields to your View layout.

Add Rating and Review Fields to Your View

The Ratings & Reviews extension adds four new fields to GravityView:

  • Rate Entry - Allows users to rate an entry on the Multiple Entries page.
  • Stars Rating - Display the entry’s star rating (out of 5).
  • Votes Rating - Display the entry’s aggregate up/down rating.
  • Reviews Link - Display ratings and a link to review the entry.

The different fields available after installing the Ratings & Reviews extension

To add one of these fields to your View, simply click the "Add Field" button and select the field you want to add.

Now, on the Single Entry page, you’ll see a review form underneath the entry.

A review form on the GravityView Single Entry page

Reviews left by users will appear on the Single Entry page above the form.

Reviews for a fictional cafe

That’s it!

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