Debugging Calculations in GravityM​ath

Things don't always work as they should! The GravityMath plugin includes built-in debugging so you know when something goes wrong, and why.

Most often, when a calculation doesn't work, the output of the shortcode will be invisible. When debugging is turned on, you will see a link that contains more information about the error.

The messages are only shown to users who are able to edit site options (site administrators), so you don't need to worry about site visitors seeing error messages.

Having issues?

If your shortcode is not showing anything, or the output is not correct, add debug="true" to the shortcode, as shown.

Example of debugging messages

When you enable debug mode, you will see a link displayed where the shortcode was placed, and a report at the bottom of the page with additional details. In the example provided, scope="entry" was not added to the [gravitymath] shortcode.

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