WordPress hooks (actions and filters) available for GravityView

GravityView has inline documentation for most of our hooks. You can find auto-generated documentation of them here:

If you're interested in seeing more information about the hooks that are running on each page request, we suggest using the Hookr plugin.

About Hookr

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The Hookr plugin annotates the html output of your WordPress install with all executed actions/filters.

Hookr is the best way to see what actions and filters are running on a page. Hookr can help familiarize you with GravityView's hooks.

Install and activate the Hookr plugin

Go to Hookr.io's "Plugin" page and download, then install the plugin.

Go to Tools > Hookr to configure the plugin settings

Exclude GravityView Logging Hooks

Add the following to the "Ignore Hooks" settings box:


Visit a View

Now that you have Hookr installed, go to a View on your site. You'll see a bunch of rendered tags, like this.

Click on one of them

You will get a list of all hooks and filters that happen inside that hook.

Click on one of the hooks listed.

You will see where the hook was triggered in the code, as well as values passed to the hook, and the description of the hook in the code.

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