During installation: "Warning: No such file or directory"

Some hosts have aggressive anti-virus scanners, which block a file from being installed because it has code called "check_wordpress" in it. What happens is that the file containing that text gets deleted as soon as it's uploaded, causing GravityView to error.

The error looks like this:

Warning: require_once(/[...]/wp-content/plugins/gravityview/includes/class-gravityview-compatibility.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /[...]/wp-content/plugins/gravityview/gravityview.php on line 71

To fix the problem, contact your host

Contact your web host and ask them to "Whitelist the /wp-content/plugins/gravityview/includes/class-gravityview-compatibility.php file". Once they do, this issue will be fixed.

Known hosts:

These hosts are known to have issues with this error:

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