Redirecting to the Multiple Entries screen after editing an Entry

After editing an entry, you might want your users to be taken directly to the Multiple Entries page instead of back to the Single Entry page.

To achieve this, you will need to update your View settings.

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1. Edit Your View

Log in to your Website, hover over Views in the left-hand menu, and click on All Views. Next, hover over the View you want to change and click Edit.

2. Scroll Down to the Settings Box.

3. Click on the Edit Entry Tab

Note: The Settings box is underneath the View layout. If you can't see it, please read The Settings box is hidden.

4. In the "Redirect After Editing" Drop-Down, Select "Redirect to Multiple Entries"

Selecting a redirect destination in the Edit Entry settings in GravityView

5. Save Your View

Once you have updated your settings, save your View by clicking Update.

Screenshot of the Update button in WordPress

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