The GravityView settings menu isn't visible

Since version 1.7.4 GravityView settings is using the Gravity Forms add-on settings capability to enable the screen. Since then, only users with the WordPress capability  manage_options are able to access the GravityView settings screen.

If you are not sure if you have the right capabilities on your users' role we suggest you install a plugin like  Members, check under Users > Roles.

If you still don't see the Settings menu under Views,  continue to read...

On some WordPress installations we found out there is also the need to have a Gravity Forms capability  gform_full_access in order to be able to see the Settings menu.

To add it to your users' role, go to Users > Roles, edit your role, and at the bottom click on "Add New Capability":

After adding the capability click on Update Role. 

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