Enabling the table column sorting feature

This feature is available for GravityView 1.7+

The table column sorting feature is the possibility to order the view entries by clicking in the column header sorting arrows. Clicking one time it will sort the results ascending by default. If you click twice it will sort descending.

This feature is only available on the default Table view type. The  DataTables table have the same feature by default and so you won't need to configure it.

Enable the columns sorting feature in your View

To enable the columns sorting feature you'll need to open the View where you'd like to activate it, scroll down until you find the Filter & Sort configuration metabox and check the Column Sorting setting.

If you don't see this setting in this metabox please check if you your View is using the Table view type or if you are running at least version 1.7 of the GravityView plugin.

After saving the View, if you refresh your View in the frontend you'll notice the arrows aside the table column headers, as in the following example: 

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